For all you guys who want to try my latest XING Alpha A85 tune on Betaflight 4.2.x.

I've played around with the PIDs and filters to make it work well on most rigs, as well as covering lower resonance spikes with the Dynamic Notch filter. 

Remember to adapt your throttle scale value, the preset (like the 4.1.2 factory dump as well) is using a 75% scaled throttle limit to make it less baloony to fly indoors. Set the value back to 100% if you plan to shoot it outdoors. 

The value can be changed in the Betaflight Configurator, tab PID Tuning. 

Or CLI copy/paste:

75% throttle 

set throttle_limit_percent = 75

100% throttle 

set throttle_limit_percent = 100

Type save and hit enter 


If you have 1204 motors, please change the number of motor poles to 12. Betaflight Configurator, tab "Configuration" right side. Don't forget to save and reboot. 

If you have 1303 motors, keep this value at 14.

Link to the whole diff all file:

If you fly the DJI radio on sbus_baud_fast or a TBS receiver set the RC smoothing to a lower value to decrease RC delay. 

set rc_smoothing_auto_smoothness = 10

You can also try to use the Betaflight provided tune presets which really does change the overall stick feel. My tune is based on the "HD" preset for example, but I customized some values.

I would not recommend using the "Cinematic" preset on the whoop, as this decreased authority so much in my tests, that it got especially unstable at low throttle. Small props do not have enough thrust at low throttle or hard freestyle to keep up with the weight of the Vista, so don't try to make your tune too smooth.