21-03-14 XING // UPDATE: Official 16.7 factory setup!

It's not necessary to reflash your stock firmware! All BNFs have been updated and tuned to maximum performance and durability from the factory. We still recommend using the official 16.7 or 16.71 versions of BLHeliS.

Latest factory tunes can be found on our GoogleDrive


For customization and upgrades please check our tutorial below and make sure to do it correctly! Test with care and always check your motor temperatures! All question will be answered, please check our helpdesk and ticket service.

21-01-25 XING // UPDATE: 16.79 tested and approved!

We've been testing several builds of the JazzMaverick RPM filter BlheliS (or Blheli-M) firmware recently and shipping drones to our team pilots and testers to fly and abuse that rigs! We can now confirm that v16.79 can be used with 48khz PWM speed and RPM filtering. That will -decrease filter delay and -increase efficiency of the motors. Longer flight times, cooler motors, better PID translation for better performance! This firmware will still not be flashed to our stock BNFs, but can be easily upgraded at home if there's a need to run your Protek25 on a custom firmware to enhance it's performance!

Recommended: G-H-30 build with 48k PWM speed (can be downloaded with the link below):

Click "Save Link As" to download the HEX file to flash

Link to the 16.79 build folder (if above link is broken or 24khz / 96khz version needs to be downloaded):


*Make sure you save the *.HEX file so the BlHeliS Configurator can read it. Don't save it as *.txt or change the file type afterwards

*24khz PWM Speed will increase motor braking which improves PID loop tracking (Motors have a little more authority to react to commands of your flight control)

*96khz PWM speed will decrease motor braking but improves efficiency of your motors. You might encounter longer flight times when cruising indoor or low wind conditions, but might run into wobbles and performance issues trying to do freestyle or harder flying.

How to flash this version and enable RPM filtering?

- Scroll down and start with point "2- Open the BlHeli-S Configurator" of my last tutorial.

- At point 4- please click on "Select File Manually" to select the file we've just downloaded (link above).

Please make absolutely sure you've downloaded the correct file version!

- Follow up to point 8- (if you need) or just open your Betaflight Configurator and set Bidirection Dshot to ON! Then click "Save and Reboot" on the bottom right to store your settings.


- Point 9-: The filter settings can be left at the 1 or default position if there's no other factory tune applied. (Different batches may vary). If you want to fly our latest and greatest tune, please checkout our Google Drive folder for updates!


*If you don't know how to apply our factory diff file (Betaflight tune) please checkout this article below:



- Follow up with Point 10- but change the command! Click on the "CLI" tab and copy/paste following lines and hit enter. The CLI window will reboot your drone after this command:

with RPM filtering please use:

set dyn_notch_width_percent = 0

set dyn_notch_q = 120


defaults without RPM filtering would be:

set dyn_notch_width_percent = 8

set dyn_notch_q = 120

- You've successfully flashed your ESC with version 16.79 48khz RPM filtering firmware and setup Betaflight with the recommended settings!

20-12-24 XING // Official Statement:

There have been some reports on Facebook about our new ProTek25 BNF, burning out ESCs for unknown reason!

The ProTek35 does NOT have this feedback and doesn't require any changes, the AIO board is also different (BEAST F7 AIO).

The ProTek series has been tested for more than a month, several hundred units have been sold in the China domestic region, then we started to ship international. The number of negative feedback is very low comparing those numbers, but we are taking the recent happenings very serious!

Current investigation and key points:

- We have been using JazzMaverick BlHeli-M 16.9 on our BlHeli-S AIO board for the ProTek25. The reason for this custom firmware is that RPM filter can be used, the most advanced Betaflight filtering feature to increase flight performance with less filter delay. It's also possible to use 48k PWM speed for slight increase in efficiency.

- We have been consulting firmware Developers, Betaflight and testing different versions including JESC firmware. The latest feedback we got is, that the BlHeli-M 16.9 has several "versions" and was updated on a regular base over the last weeks or months without changing the actual release version (in development?)

- We have been testing the old version 16.71 as well, which comes with the downside of no 48k PWM speed.

- We have been testing the JESC (paid firmware version with RPM filtering compatibility)

- Several reviewers, our testing team, our team pilots and independent customers buying this BNF did NOT experience any issues or reported faulty hardware/software, damaged ESCs!

So what's going on?

We cannot point the finger on any of those custom firmware versions but at this point in time do NOT recommend using it!

We therefore do NOT ship any more units with RPM filter enabled and flashed back to the official BlHeli-S version 16.7 until we get to the bottom of this firmware mess but are also inspecting our hardware and the combination with RPM filter and different firmware versions, firmware providers, risk of hardware failure!

Should you be worried flying your ProTek25?

The risk is using 16.9 there, but the risk is low. We still did not get to the bottom if this!

Is there faulty 16.9 versions out there? Is there a higher possibility of using 16.9 and damaging your hardware, burn your ESC? Probably... are those different versions sometimes unstable? We do not know yet!

I've bought a ProTek25 and received the BNF, or it's on the way. What should I do?

Please flash back to BlHeli-S official 16.7 and disable RPM filtering, set both filter sliders (Gyro and Dterm) to default and restore the dyanmic notch filter defaults!

We are currently analyzing and preparing a new tune, including filters and PIDs for the new and old batches!

How do I flash my ProTek25?

1- Install the BlHeli-S Configurator for Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/blheli-configurator/mejfjggmbnocnfibbibmoogocnjbcjnk

- Install the Betaflight Configurator for your machine: https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight-configurator/releases

- If your hardware can't be found, please use the ImpulseRC driver fixer: https://impulserc.com/pages/downloads

2- Open the BlHeli-S Configurator and connect a battery to our drone (to startup your ESC)! Make sure you do this procedure quick but better you'd use a fan to cool down your CaddX Vista or analog VTX during the process! Remove the props for your own safety!

3- Connect your ProTek25 (bottom USB port) to your computer and press "Connect" after the COM port has been found.

- Press "Read Setup"

4- Select "Flash All" and make sure the ESC target is set to G-H-30. Select version 16.7 Official and hit "Flash" This procedure will take up to a minute! Version 16.71 is another JazzMaverick RPM filter version we do not recommend at this point!

5- Flashing in process. ESC1 to ESC4...

6- Flashing finished, the new version number appears next to each ESC

7- Close the BlHeli-S configurator and disconnect the battery! Fan cooling can be removed at this point! Open the Betaflight Configurator (latest stable version is 10.7.0)

8- Click on "Connect" and get into the "Configuration" tab. Bidirectional DShot is enabled by default. Please deactivate this option, the slider will turn grey, RPM filter will be OFF. The bottom/right button "Save and Reboot" will save your changes!

9- Click on the "PID Tuning" tab and select "Filter settings". Pull both sliders to the center for the Betaflight defaults. If there's no sliders visible, enable the Sliders with the button. The bottom/right button "Save" will save your changes!

10- Click on the "CLI" tab and copy/paste following command and hit enter. This restores the default dynamic notch filter settings. (Can also be restored in the filter tab for advanced users). The CLI window will reboot your drone after this command!

set dyn_notch_width_percent = 8

set dyn_notch_q = 120


11- Your ProTek25 BNF has be successfully flashed to the BlHeliS official version 16.7. RPM filtering has be turned off, and default Betaflight filter settings have been restored!