You're heaving troubles to get your iFlight DJI BNF goin' into the air?

This article might just be right for you!


How to bind your DJI components 

How to activate your DJI gear 


Protocols: FAQ "My drone won't arm!" Here's the solution...

Make sure DJI Goggle and Drone (Betaflight firmware) is setup with the same protocol, otherwise your DJI Radio won't correctly input to your Flight Controller and you can't arm. We're talking about an option called "sbus_baud_fast" or "normal" that can be setup in your Betaflight Configurator through the CLI (Command line) at this point only. Also the Goggles need to be setup!

Articles for you to check:


How to arm your iFlight BNF:

Make sure everything is turned on and charged.

Use the AUX1 (left outer stick) to arm your Quad (make sure throttle is all the way down) and gently take your first flight. Arm switch can be configured in Betaflight if necessary!

REMEMBER: This is a FPV drone and NOT a DJI Mavic. Throttle control takes more effort because it's all manual, and you'll also experience drifting especially close to the ground (which is called ground effect). If it's drifting too much, try to recalibrate in Betaflight on the first "Setup" page. 

Article for help: 

CAUTION: Every BNF is setup with Angle mode ON (self leveling mode) for safety reasons.

It can be deactivated (that's then called Acro mode) in your Betaflight Configurator.

The Configurator can be downloaded from Github (please search Google)

If you just got into this hobby, please look into some videos on YouTube or other online resources.

There's a lot to learn, but it's totally worth it!

Happy Flying,