Please use our GoogleDrive Database to download the latest version of our hardware wiring diagrams on which you can also find the correct Betaflight target or to download and restore your factory settings of your iFlight BNF!


Wiring Diagrams:

Please check on our GoogleDrive and search for your product. If you're not sure what product or what version you got, please check your order, search your product in our shop for specifications or connect the Betaflight Configurator to your FC and find out what the status line (Log) outputs.

Betaflight UPDATE?

To update your Betaflight Firmware please download the latest version of the Betaflight Configurator and flash the correct target through the Configurator. DON'T FLASH UNIFIED TARGETS like STM32xxx targets, always use our IFLIGHT_ targets that come with custom defaults to restore IO parameters. Use our wiring diagram, our website product page or check the current Betaflight version that's already flashed on your Flight Control in the Betaflight Configurator status box or CLI to identify the correct target! 

Article about flashing Betaflight:

How to identify my hardware in Betaflight?

If your BNF or Flight Controller is still on the stock firmware, you can also identify the correct target (firmware) on the top left corner in your Betaflight Log. In the example below, the correct target for this particular FC would be "IFRC/IFLIGHT_F745_AIO" and can be flashed in the "Update Firmware" tab.

Factory Dumps:

CAUTION: Please make sure you're using the same Betaflight version before applying the dump OR update your Betaflight to the latest version and adapt the settings you need! Pasting old dumps on newer versions of Betaflight is not recommended!

To restore the factory settings with our factory dump:

CAUTION: Make sure that IF you updated or reflashed your Betaflight firmware to apply the custom defaults immediately. This prompt will automatically appear after the successful flash and a follwing reboot of your Flight Controller. If this does not happen, something went wrong!

Step1: Copy the content of our *.txt file (GoogleDrive link on top)

Step2: Open the Betaflight Configurator and go to CLI (bottom of the left column menu)

Step3: Paste into the CLI (command line) and hit the Enter key

Step4: Type in "save" and hit the Enter key to store the settings!

Your factory settings have been restored!

Step5: To recalibrate your Gyro in the Betaflight Configurator, go to the "Setup" Tab

Step6: Place your Drone as perfectly leveled as you even can and hit "Calibrate"

Article about Gyro Calibration and it's effect in Angle Mode:

CAUTION: Please make a test flight in confined area and do not put the drone or yourself or even other people in danger! If you play around with the settings on your drone, we can't take responsibility for it! So please always make sure you know what you're doing and doublecheck the settings it's its on! Check motor temperature, flight stability and make sure there's no problems before you fly over water or full power punch through trees!