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I just received the box, what do I have to do now?

All our drones come pre-setup and pre-tuned for a majority of users. Please be aware of that this BNF drones (Bind-And-Fly) packages are not a careless "Everyone can fly" packages. Some time might be needed to spend on YouTube and watch some tutorials, as well as some flight practice and patience. But first let's talk about some common issues and setup safety features you could easily activate or deactivate:

Betaflight iFlight Setup


- Angle mode on by default (Safety feature)

To ensure your first flight (maybe ever) doesn't end up in a mess, Angle mode (self balancing mode) is enabled by default and will reset your quad to a level position as soon as you get off the sticks. This can not be changed with your remote, even if you flick the "AUX2" switch on your TX radio, because the whole range is setup to activate the Betaflight Angle mode.

To deactivate, please delete this Mode or adapt it to a range of your TX radio switch, so you can activate it in a scenario needed. Pro Tip: You lost video and don't know what direction your drone is flying in Acro Mode (not self leveling). Flick the Angle mode switch, your drone gets back to level, you push a little throttle to get out of wherever you lost signal (open area hopefully) and kaboom, your FPV feed is back und you flick back to Acro.


- Activate Beeper (on a AUX switch)

You ever lost your Quad in high grass and wondered how you could make it beep? Well it does as soon as you turn off your radio or after a certain amount of time setup. Please uncheck "Hide unused modes" from picture above if you want access to more modes that can be setup to a TX radio flick range and triggered according to it's position. The internal Buzzer (Beeper) is setup to go off after TX connection has been lost ONLY to prevent unwanted beeping when setting up your BNF the first time with battery and radio (binding for example, first arming etc). If you are done with your setup, receiver input is valid and you know all your AUX switches you can work with on your radio, please search for the "BEEPER" mode and setup a range and your AUX input. This also can be enabled for the Dshot Beacon Beeper in second picture (ESC Buzzer) which is not as loud.


- Rate profiles

Our rate profile has been adjusted and is not Betaflight default! If you want to revert to Betaflight defaults, please click on "Rateprofile 2" and save.


- Arming Flags

If you have issues arming your drone, make sure you have no arming flags on the first screen of your Betaflight Configurator.

In my example, I got "RX_FAILSAFE" which means I have no valid receiver input. Maybe forgot to bind? Maybe TX radio not turned on? My TX radio and receiver firmware not compatible? Every BNF has been tested before shipment, if there's still any issue with that, please contact our helpdesk. "MSP" means your USB port is connected, that disables arming! "RPMFILTER" is a Betaflight feature that requires the ESC to have power (plug the battery in, props off) to communicate with the FC


- Propeller configuration (direction reversed)

Please be aware of our Propellers spinning outwards! If your propellers are on the wrong way, please confirm with the picture below. To change this setup, your ESC needs to be reconfigured and Betaflight switch set to "off". There's no need to change this configuration, it actually prevents from Propellers throwing all sorts of things on your camera when spinning inwards... Keeps your cam clean!