You’ve just received one of our iFlight pre-built BNF (Bind-And-Fly) or you might even got the RTF (Ready-To-Fly) radio or FPV goggles in your box.

Safety comments:

  • For your personal health, please keep Propellers OFF while setting up your Quadcopter!
  • Don’t’ leave the battery plugged in for no longer than necessary without air circulation!
     It might cause overheating or damage your hardware!
  • Don’t plug in the battery without antennas on your Quadcopter.
     The transmitter might overheat, get damaged or even burn!
  • Be gentle to your Flight controller port! Don’t force, bend or twist it!
  • Don’t do your first flights over a hard or rocky surface, neither do fly in wet conditions to prevent hardware shorts.
  • Backup the Betaflight factory dump (CLI diff) to restore changes that might have gone wrong!
  • Please do understand that we are not responsible for damages or crashes that were caused by wrong handling or careless personal setup!  

If this article doesn't help, please checkout some YouTube content or follow our "Team iFlight" Facebook group to get questions answered or further explained by our community!


  1. Install the Betaflight Configurator to your computer and follow the instructions on the main screen to install the drivers, depending on your OS.
  2. Is your receiver pre-installed? If not, wire it according to our Flight Control Wiring Diagram.
  3. Prepare a charged battery; Make sure it’s within specifications of your Quadcopter!
  4. Bind the receiver to your radio; Get detailed instructions of the 3rd party receiver website or check for tutorials available. Make sure TX radio and RX receiver hardware and especially firmware is compatible. There have been several issues with Frsky firmware compatibility.
  5. Digital video or Analog video transmission?
    1. Do you fly a DJI digital FPV system? If so, bind your DJI Air module to both Goggles and Radio.
    2. If you fly analog, you don’t need to bind your Goggles but search for signal when ready to fly.
  6. Connect the Quadcopter to your PC and the Betaflight Configurator. Check for arming flags on the first screen.
  7. Go into the “Receiver” Tab and check if your signal inputs are within tolerance (1000-2000), your channel map is setup correctly (Throttle=Throttle, Yaw=Yaw etc) and Radio switches trigger at least one AUX channel to arm your drone.
  8. Go into the “Modes” Tab and setup your AUX 1 channel to arm. Various mode switches are available.
    1. For safety reasons, the “angle mode” is pre-set on every BNF to protect Beginners of unexpected crashes. This mode keeps your Quadcopter in a horizontal position until you either deflect your pitch or roll stick and sets automatically back when stick is centered but won’t affect throttle or yaw! This mode can be deactivated or setup to an AUX channel.
  9. Leave your props off, connect a battery and try to arm the Quadcopter with your radio. If necessary, verify the motor direction!
  10. Disarm, unplug the battery and put on the propellers in correct direction. CAUTION: Our default Prop Configuration is inverted!


The most basic setup should be done. Take your drone to a place to safely arm and lift off!


Your drone is pre-checked, indoor pre-flown and has a factory setup pre-installed that can also include a filter setting and PID tune. Nonetheless, not every drone is the same and may cause the need for you to adapt minor changes for best handling and performance!