You've either just built or received a fresh iFlight Quad (BNF) but you won't get it to arm?

Well that might have different reasons...

In below picture you can see the default screen of your Betaflight Configurator. If you don't know how to get there, please checkout following article first:

If everything below can't help, please checkout some resources on YouTube in further detail:

And just to mention it, even if most people already know..

ARMING can only be done when Throttle is at ZERO position and USB is not connected! Then flick the AUX1 switch which is usually configured at the far left of your Radio Control and gently lift off.

The picture shows a box called "Info" on the right side. In this example we can see the error message "RX_FAILSAFE" which shows up when the RX (Receiver) is not connected, not properly connected, not setup in Betaflight or not powered up (make sure you plugin your battery to power up the 5V BEC on your Flight Control )

The second error message is MSP which just disarms the Quad while you are connected to USB (safety mechanism).

The second picture below shows the Ports tab in the Betaflight Configurator. Please make sure all the ports are properly setup and the Serial Rx is setup at the correct UART. To confirm this, please checkout our Google Database for all the Wiring Diagrams and more:

The third pictures shows the Configuration tab, where you can verify the correct protocol for your Receiver. Frsky receivers usually use SBUS or F.Port depending on your setup, TBS is using CRSF and DJI components use SBUS as well and even offer an option for a faster protocol that has to be manually set in the CLI (checkout this article )

The fourth picture below shows the receiver tab in the Betaflight Configurator. Is the signal valid, the RX properly configured and powered up you'll see the sliders moving when you move the sticks or aux switches. Our BNFs are usually setup to arm on AUX1.

The Channel Map can be found in the receiver tab as well and is responsible to verify what channels your sticks are on. If your throttle is setup on the wrong stick, please change the Channel Map to correct this issue.